by James Doesn't Exist

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James Doesn't Exist is a project of Nikolai Gawin. As well as writing all the music, all the instruments are played/programmed by Nikolai.

"Uncanned" was recorded in February/June of 2012 under a stretch of traintracks in Illinois. All of the recording and mixing was handled by Nikolai Gawin.

Album artwork by Nikolai Gawin.
Thanks to Emil Gorgioski for the logo.

Thanks to Steve Roggenbuck for the sound clips.

This album is dedicated to Lauren Elizabeth Heavin, the greatest human being ever.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JamesDoesntExist

Bandcamp: jamesdoesntexist.bandcamp.com


released June 17, 2012



Track Name: The Dumb White
A rose so close I can feel it prick me
Never losing the passion
As I try to take my prize
It retreats back to where it belongs

This is not for me
It is not for me
Nothing is for me

A final acceptance will save my life
I am nothing, ugly darkness
Track Name: Crunk Juice
A hero stands before me naked
Only shown in cryptic words
The massive idol is the center
Of a thought above us all

Everything laid out before you
Is to be taken and destroyed
I take no action from disaster
A thought of mine to be enjoyed

A hero stands before me
Only shown in cryptic words
Track Name: We Hate Grindcore
The pious jester berating
Putting words into my mouth
He is wrong, he doesn't admit
That he is the one at fault

We are the future of everything
His chants hold nothing but lies
We never want to take over the world
We just want to see it die

We are the future of everything
His chants hold nothing but lies
Track Name: The Horse
Clarity through insanity
The morality of thought without direction
Possibly a curse
But one I'd like to bear

No reason for purity
It helps no one

The grail forever in the distance
At the price of weakness of will
Track Name: Afav Hoorbod
The wisest man to show his face
Learning as he teaches others
He knows the secrets of our lives
Yet he knows nothing of our hurt

Impossible to blame
Easy to victimize
The man from the mist
With knowledge from the skies

He sees the great beyond
Knowing what must be done
He breaks his neck and tells us
That he is now the one
Track Name: Party Hard
Leave behind your boring life
Come and party with the greatest
Nothing for you in the world
Come and get horribly wasted
Nothing seems as great as this
Please leave behind the mundane
I promise it's the greatest shit
Overriding all that shame

Party Hard
Party Fucking Hard

Leave behind your boring life
Come and party with the greatest
Track Name: I Am Steve
Raging across barren wastes
Boosting all those in my path
Nobody can fucking wait
For the flarf to end
Writing what comes down to mind
Everybody fucking reads it
All my friends I meet online
Are just parrots of my work

Boost across the land
Boost so fucking fast
Boost around the world
Boosting Rage

Uncan Me
Track Name: The Freshman
Live through the seduction
Remain the fool
Fight in valor
Lest you wish to fail

You are my everything
I am your slaughter
Can't we begin anew
From preconception

Don't break me