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released May 10, 2012

James Doesn't Exist is a project of Nikolai Gawin. As well as writing all the music, all the instruments are played/programmed by Nikolai.

"Trash" was recorded in February/May of 2012 in a Zubat cave in Illinois. All of the recording and mixing was handled by Nikolai Gawin.

Album artwork by Carlos Pineda and Nikolai Gawin.
Thanks to Emil Gorgioski for the logo.

This album is dedicated to Lauren Elizabeth Heavin, my best friend in the world.




Track Name: Head In The Game
I see you're fucking tough
Make bodies hit the floor
You're fucking bad and we all know you're badass to the core

But you should answer this

When put into the scene
You're just a little pussy
Tail between your legs and scream

It's just so fucking easy
You won't give me a chance
To fucking rage at your stupid dance

I wait so long for you to shine
But still you're just trash

It's called the game
Get your head in it
I won't wait for you to catch up

Mind your place
You lowlife scum
You fucking disgrace
You think you're tough
Then challenge me
Let's bare our rage

Face To Face


Face face to face
Track Name: Crumbling
I know you think I'm wrong
Go ahead and blame me
But the thing is
You've just changed
Not wanting to admit
That you've become a piece of shit

I've heard you talk
Now listen to me
Drunken whores are just not my thing
You've just lost me
Are you happy?
I thought we were better than this

Talk Shit Of Me
I Won't Take This

Fall down
You bitch
Admit that we are over
Won't you
Admit that we were never

I won't take this guilt
That I know is yours
Track Name: The Best Around
Brace me for hope
Lend me grace
That I will win
And not be a fucking cog

Lend me your voices
Show we are here to stay
So let it out, cuz motherfucker we have shit to say

I never imagined
that my life would suck like this
I never imagined
That my life would end like this

Lose your fucking shit
At everything you hate

Bring me something
That I can smash
Track Name: I'm Obsessed
This is a love letter
For you, you lovely goddess
With skin like dirty snow
You smell like cheap perfume
The scent I love to know
Others call you fucking ugly
But I think you're perfect
You look at me fucking smugly
My heart is yours

Just love me
Before I have to do something drastic

Please let me know
When you're fine
To settle
With this guy
I'm not that bad
I just scream
In my sleep for you

If this isn't enough for you
I'll be anything I have to be
Track Name: Joker
Let me think

We find ourselves
In times as these
With nothing left
Not much to see
We're holding strong
Not gonna fail
But that's no promise I can make

Leave us to our own decisions
And see how well that turns out

Why us?

Hello there you fuck
Lead us to believe
There was something beyond this
There is nothing
Can't you see that?
This is as good as it's gonna get

Die you fucking joke