The Richter Execution - EP

by James Doesn't Exist

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This album is dedicated to Lauren Elizabeth Heavin.


released January 31, 2012

James Doesn't Exist is a project of Nikolai Gawin. As well as writing all the music, all the instruments are played/programmed by Nikolai.

"The Richter Execution" was recorded in January of 2012 in a wombat cave in Illinois. All of the recording and mixing was handled by Nikolai Gawin.

Album artwork by Carlos Pineda and Nikolai Gawin.
Thanks to Emil Gorgioski for the logo.



Track Name: All Those People
"All Those People"


We're fucking back
Out of control
We're gonna give you cancer

Why insane
We're so insane
We're just gonna fuck you up
No order
No control
We have no morals

Why can't you leave us alone
We try to stay away
It's hard when you don't care
Track Name: Paying Respect
"Paying Respect"

I'm so fucking comfortable
I can't believe it
I feel great

I need your guidance
Lead me to the land
Where all is forgiven
Sleep away your life at hand

I just wanna feel normal
Is that so wrong?
Is that so hard?

I feel bound to my bed and sleep
I feel bound to my bed
Take a peek
Track Name: Rosenzweig

See the truth

All the feelings around me
I feel so fucking lonely

I need confirmation
ThatI'm pretty
Validate me
Won't you please

I need validation
Track Name: B306

So you can feel me
You can be sure
I rose disturbed then
Fresh from the morgue

You cannot expect me to live like a normal fucking corpse

Why are you so serious?
You need to smile
Let all the hatred out through your lips

Why I say
Fuck you
Track Name: Your Smoked Bro
"Your Smoked Bro"

Fraught determination
Expulsion of the plague
You cannot resist this
We will not behave

Oh you fucking slut

This is a groove
Fucking move your body
Please get trapped in the music
Or we'll fucking kill you

I was never sorry
For living my own life

Chase the dragon
Chase your dreams there