The Kid Wins Again

by James Doesn't Exist

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Here it is. JDE is back.

This album is dedicated to Chef Gordon Ramsay, the most grind man on the planet.


released August 6, 2014

Everything recorded and mixed and all that shit by Remi Gawin on August 5th, 2014.

All recording took place in the operating room at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

Samples are from Hell's Kitchen.



Track Name: Rape Shark
A semblance disposed
Where the balance collides
Madness opposed
The bandits arise
Eating falsely, I dont appreciate
What it is you said you've done
Breaking bones to get my shot at breaking you

Not my friends but not my lover
All i need is to be sure I hate her

All I need is to be sure that I'm here

I hate life
And love it
It's the best that I could wish for
You love me and it shows
It's the only thing that keeps me going
Track Name: Too High To Get High
Would anyone drink a smoothie blended from the points of your life?


I'm not comfortable talking about this, my therapist will be here shortly though

I have never will feel happy
It's not so hot

Hahaaa permabanned from life

Dropping ciggarettes
The ultimate newb move

My breakfast burrito traincar stand won't be very successful
But I'll finally learn how to ride that bike
Tank top floating in the wind
Track Name: Maximum Psoriasis
Stories like that make me want to be an alcoholic boxer

Look at what you have in your life
I don't know man

I wrote a book about you that was terrible
It was edited down to this

People have started looking at me funny ever since i tried to catch them in the act

45 with a side of newport non menthol

Love your life
Not because you have to
But because you want to
Track Name: Bleach Foamer
Photoshop my face onto a photo of my body
Eat it up because you know it wont last

Make a fist
Eat a fist
Be a fist
Kill a fist

Breaking the surface
Hoping it hurts us
Nothing to live for
Even behind us

Eyes shut down
No one left
I dont care
For these pests