by James Doesn't Exist

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released November 19, 2011

James Doesn't Exist is a project of Nikolai Gawin. As well as writing all the music, all the instruments are played/programmed by Nikolai. Gia Chodzen also does something.

"Leeches" was recorded in October of 2011 in a desolate shack in Illinois. All the recording and mixing was handled by Nikolai Gawin.

Album artwork by Emil Gorgioski and Nikolai Gawin.
Thanks to Emil Gorgioski for the logo.
Thanks to Steve Roggenbuck for allowing the usage of his sound clips.

This album is dedicated to Tali and Hannah Weitzman.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JamesDoesntExist



Track Name: Mega Shark
Break away from your mortal world of pain
You have what it is that can set me free

I'd give my life for you
Just to hear your voice again
I'm trapped in an abject truth
Which falters yet again
I have no sense of control
There goes my reason
This is a last confession
I'm at my end

Stuck inside a prison
Waiting for the end
You don't know this pain I have
You cannot contest
It just keeps fucking going
This world will never stop
It's clear we die for nothing

And then we rot

This world crushed to pieces
Our last chance for redemption

Break us
Beat us
Watch us
With this
Broken life
Track Name: Thirty Years From Now
Set the trap to
Catch the beast
It's not enough
Make it bleed

My own window into nothing
Set the stage for dissonance
This is battle, this is ringing
Shots and shots, in my ears

One more complication
This is all we have
We have but a fraction left
Of the pride we had
Resurrect the martyrs
Dying for our lust
We have nothing tangible
Give them all our trust

Give me souls to eat
Wake from darkened dreams
Bring the hate to me
And fall
Get down on your knees
You whore
Track Name: Weitzman Twins
Bring down greed
Joined with sloth
Bring me all your sins
I can melt
All them down
Make you anew

What we had
Was a bond
Held in place
By my lies
When this falls
You'll be left
With no one
To love

Breathe in deception, it's for your whole
I did this all for you
Why won't you love me?
Track Name: Ventriloquist
This is what they crave
A whole new body
Release your flesh to me
You won't be sorry

I'm not
Here to
Hurt you
I see
You're scared
You should be

This is what we feed you

Keep your malice inside of your mind, it is dead to me
I have nothing I can give you yet, your payment's coming
These are relics filled with the bones of the ones we loved
This is the last I will speak of cold, dark, murder
Track Name: Revive As One
Avenge Me

This is noise
That is true
All you hear is fucking noise
In these words
All that you have ever known

Live this day
As your last
You do not have much more time
Do not ask me what I mean
When I say you're gone

This is fun
This is normal

Bring me my head
Track Name: Sulfuric Acid
Ever growing wonder
Source of my disgust
You cannot imagine
What you stole from us
Our time has elapsed
Hourglasses dry
Please just let us have the strength to fade off in the night

Give me reason
To give thanks for this this fucking life
I can't see what it's done for me
Leave this place
In one piece

Live your life
Broken man
Live it as you should
I know there is nothing here
It's all inside your head

Here is my chance to believe in more
Than petty squalors
I need more

Life comes to an end
How did you spend yours?
Will karma fuck you over?
The choice was yours

Renegades to ourselves
Track Name: A Final Interpretation
You are fucking frightened
Bullied to believe
You are taught to obey blindly
And to never be deceived
I wish I could help you
We are one the same
We both have our corrupt morals
Soaked into the brain

Why don't you run from me?
You should be scared