James Doesn't Exist and Skull Incision Split

by James Doesn't Exist and Skull Incision

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released March 11, 2012

First off, I dedicate my side of the split to Carolina Lombardo. Because she's cool. Take that, Carolina.

James Doesn't Exist is a project of Nikolai Gawin. As well as writing all the music, all the instruments are played/programmed by Nikolai.

JDE's side of the split was recorded in January/March of 2012 in an underwater lair. All of the recording and mixing was handled by Nikolai Gawin.

Skull Incision tracks performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jacob Lee. Written and recorded on 2/4/12.

Album artwork by Emil Gorgioski.

Thanks to Emil Gorgioski for the logo, as well.

Once again, my side of the split is dedicated to Carolina Lombardo. Because I can. Deal with it. This means you, Carolina.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JamesDoesntExist




Track Name: Dealing With Dead Men
Lying fits in the master plan
Once it's in ink we can't do it again
Hold the body, we have to discuss
What's in it for me, what's in it for us
Lost in a world with no translation
Losing your grip as the decades phase

Losing grip now
Possibly dead
Losing your grip now
You are most likely a corpse
Feeling the steel of the scalpel
Not feeling a trace of remorse

Dealing with dead men
Is a game best played while alone
Best friends forever
Only goes until someone gets hurt
Leaving your conscience
The source of all that did moan
Let out your devil
He won't judge you if you're alone

Your lost messiah
I fucking bring you hell

Bathe in the bloodshed
In all the precious tear
Track Name: Breaking Down Big Time
Leave me something
Leave me fucking
Anything that you don't want
Fucking give me
Fucking help me
Give me a sign that you're alive


I, the Betrayer

Fucking the shit you give me
You're lost with fucking toys
Half man and half machine
Broken down by the smallest noise

Broken down
Breaking down
Track Name: Stupid
Aw shit

Breath of gum and liquor
Trying to cover the tracks
Nothing left behind you

Why's that there?
Check your fucking knapsack
You're leaking big time

Why can't you fucking help me?
C'mon, hook a brother up
There's nothing to be said
Let's just get fucking


Such a waste of fucking life
And a mother fucking hypocrite
I want to waste my life
Dumb kids doing dumb fucking shit
Track Name: Your New Deity

God, why are you here
You fucking slut
I told you that once was enough
Leaving your lies, fucking some whores
All in the name of what you call love

Fasten the crazy
Tighten the clamps
Zip up the jacket
Give him some cramps

Grinding faster, what is love?
Demented lust from within
Listen to who has the gun
Let them kill the innocent

Once, once, once is enough
This looks like a job for a fist to the face

Rehearse my gospel
Cram it down your fucking throat
Fire to the hostile
Force it in their fucking throats

Wait, there's more

I'm not your holy savior
I'm just a guy with a beard
I don't care if you live or die
As if anyone fucking cared

Where's your God now?
Track Name: Neverland
Look at me
Look at my deathly resolve
Look at my army to come

Why'd you leave?

Down the faucet
In the closet
Lives a land of fairy tale
In the trashbag
'Round the handbag
This shit lives all around

Break out
Break free
Live a life of mutiny

Read my lips
I ain't no fucking goblin
Track Name: The Wrong Body
Scream rape
Death comes for you

Kidnap a person
I'm not the one you want
Leave me in the alley
Or let me lead you

I'm not the one you want
You fat nasty trash


Leaving your life behind
Leaving it all behind
What is this life we lead?
What'd you fucking say? Feel?
You're no fan of me?
Well fuck you, mother fucker

Fuck you anyways
Track Name: Rage Quit

Let me fucking

Rage, on all you assholes
Fucking moronic drones
With no words to describe it
You'd better not catch me alone
I will fucking eat your face
Spit it up as blood and bone
You say you're master race?
I say you're fucking toast

Let's go!

I can't escape this groove
It's just so fucking great

Fuck your shit
Fuck it all
I'm not a cleaner
I can not feel pity


I can't escape this groove
It's just so fucking great
Track Name: Skull Incision - The Narcissist
We're all confident in our worst ideas,
Walking backwards, blinding eyes,
Evading Death, ceasing help.
We are brave.
It's sad.
It's sad that the one thing we seem to focus on as a whole is ourselves,
That help is just too far of a reach or too much change to give,
It's sad that while we have the ability to make a difference we instead worry if our car is bigger than the neighbors' or if we'd have a chance screwing his daughters.
We are scum
Track Name: Skull Incision - The Indulger
Ring around the rosie,
Breathing in the ashes,
Couldn't force it down but,
Puking out intestines,
Heart slowly beating,
Cup quickly draining,
The world is spinning,
Pour me another,
Just pour me another.
Track Name: Skull Incision - The Captive
Wake up within walls,
Hands and feet are bound,
How did I get in this?
Who put me into this?
Can you hear me?
I don't know where I am!
Track Name: Skull Incision - The Vanquisher, Part 1
I have not seen you,
But I know that you exist,
I have been ridiculed and beaten,
I wanted none of this,
My head is filled your messages,
Violent flood of grotesque images,
I've sought help to repel you,
They heard nothing and gave me drugs,
You are all who speaks to me,
Please just leave me be,
Forgive me,
I accept you,
I will kill for you.
Track Name: Skull Incision - The Proclamation
Get up and change the world.
Track Name: Skull Incision - The Antagonizer
You've spent long years stabbing knives at others,
A feather heart crawling to the top,
Cribs, playgrounds, jobs, and countries,
Crushing pride, creating enemies,
Always escaped consequence,
But this time you've gone too far.
You will all burn.
Track Name: Skull Incision - The Vanquisher, Part 2
My tormentors cease to exist,
Even strangers are dead.
Where are you taking this?
What will you do with me?
Days of cold and malnutrition.
I fear what I have done.
But I feel loved by you.
The promise of endless power,
Makes me hunger,
To complete your desires.
The world has changed,
I see no bodies or lives, only energy.
The cause of my actions,
The sustenance of my life,
Pure energy.
I resemble man no longer,
I am beyond,
I am whole,
I am the one.